Irish may have committed violation with 18-wheeler

Notre Dame may have committed an NCAA secondary violation on Thursday by parking one of the school's 18-wheeler equipment trucks outside of recruit Demetris Robertson's house on Thursday morning.

Robertson was visited by Irish coaches on Thursday.

Having the Irish's 18-wheeler truck outside of Robertson's home in Savannah, Georgia, and promoting the visit is a potential violation of NCAA bylaw, compliance officials from schools in three different Power 5 conferences told ESPN. The bylaw prohibits publicizing the recruitment of a potential student-athlete.

NCAA bylaw Miscellaneous Promotions reads: "Member institutions and their representatives of athletics interests are prohibited from financing, arranging or using recruiting aids (e.g., newspaper advertisements, bumper stickers, message buttons) designed to publicize the institution's interest in a particular prospective student-athlete."

However, a Notre Dame spokesperson said: "We believe this to be permissible and not to be in violation of bylaw on the basis that it served as transportation of a coach to visit a prospective student-athlete."

Savannah is 908 miles from South Bend, Indiana, and is approximately a 13-14 hour drive.

"I'm confident that is not their normal mode of transportation," a Power 5 school compliance official said.

The NCAA does not comment on current, pending or potential violations.

Robertson said he was surprised to see the semitruck outside his house on Thursday.

"I'm still smiling," Robertson told ESPN.com's Tom VanHaaren. "I couldn't believe it; I'm still shocked. I didn't get a chance to see what was in it, because I had to hurry off to school."

If it is an NCAA secondary violation, it would not prohibit Robertson, the top-rated player in Georgia, from signing with the Irish.

Robertson is an ESPN 300 wide receiver and the nation's No. 62 overall prospect. He is being recruited by Notre Dame and has several other offers, including Alabama, Georgia and Georgia Tech.

On Thursday, Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Sanford tweeted a picture of the truck outside of Robertson's house, referring to it as "NDOne."

Robertson said Notre Dame's truck was scheduled to visit his high school on Thursday, where it would be parked most of the day.

National Signing Day, the first day a recruit can sign with a school, is Wednesday.