Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer not planning on spring practices in Florida

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Urban Meyer's players are still safe to make plans for spring break, as the Ohio State coach said he won't be following the blueprint established by rival Michigan in staging any practices during their free time.

Meyer did leave the door open to potentially take his camp on the road at some point and reiterated that he'll continue to research new ideas, but he isn't planning on taking the Buckeyes to Florida during their break.

"Somebody asked me a question, 'Would we look into it?'" Meyer said after practice on Tuesday. "We look into everything. I can't see taking spring break away from players.

"It doesn't mean we won't do research or keep an eye out, but it's funny. ... Somebody said the other day, 'I saw you guys were going to Florida.' I said, 'What are you talking about?' Somebody stuck a microphone in my face and I said [we'd look into it]. We wouldn't take their free time away from them. If there's some way to do something like that and it helps the players, we'll look into it."

During a recent trip to Florida for the Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Classic, Meyer was asked by WUFT-TV about the possibility of arranging a trip similar to the one Jim Harbaugh scheduled for Michigan this month when the team held practices for four days in Bradenton, Florida.

Meyer called it "creative," and said then he was "looking into it for next year and maybe the future, too."

But if it ever was a real possibility for the Buckeyes, Meyer has ruled it out at least for practices during spring break. And after the outcry of criticism from commissioners and coaches around the country who cited increased time demands on student-athletes and a potential recruiting advantage, there's a chance that changes in the rules might prevent any school from making that kind of move in the future.

"I thought it was fake outrage," Harbaugh said during an appearance on ESPN's Mike & Mike last week. "It wasn't really real. The moral high ground of the sanctity of spring break ... that's what people choose to use as their moral stance. I thought it was fake ... I thought it was fake outrage."