Nick Saban: OT Cam Robinson's status dependent on legal process

DESTIN, Fla. -- Alabama coach Nick Saban told ESPN.com on Wednesday he is still determining the status of offensive tackle Cam Robinson and what action to take, but said the door remains open for Robinson to play for the Crimson Tide next season.

Robinson and teammate Hootie Jones were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possessing a handgun in the presence of drugs last month in their hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana. Robinson, a potential top-10 pick in next year's NFL draft, also received a felony charge for possessing a stolen firearm.

"It's the first time Cam has ever had an issue or a problem," Saban said. "We're handling it and managing it internally and making him do things to hopefully change his behavior. I'm waiting to see how this whole legal thing plays out, because it's not really what it seems to be."

Saban declined to provide specifics about Robinson's arrest, but sources told ESPN.com that the two players had been shooting guns at a range earlier in the night and didn't take them home afterward. Sources also said Robinson bought the gun a year ago and didn't know it was stolen, but never got it registered.

"We're disappointed when anything like this happens in our program, and it's not the image any of us want," Saban said. "We're internally doing all the things we can do to help these guys make better decisions, better choices and better judgment in terms of these types of things. We'll see what the due process does relative to what the circumstance is and make the best decision for everybody from there."

Meanwhile, Alabama athletic director Bill Battle said Wednesday that the university acted in its "best interests" in parting ways with former defensive line coach Bo Davis and that a final report from the NCAA has yet to arrive.

Davis resigned April 29, and Saban told ESPN.com that Davis' departure stemmed from illegal contact with a recruit. Reports also suggested that Davis wasn't forthcoming about the contact.

"I know that Bo spoke with the NCAA after we did, and he resigned," Battle said. "We determined that there were violations and felt like it was in our best interests to separate. I know that Bo spoke with the NCAA in hopes that he could reduce any penalties that might come to him. We haven't heard what might come to us, and we're still waiting for those answers."

Battle declined to speculate on what penalties, if any, the Crimson Tide could receive.

"You never know," Battle said. "It's one of our staff members. ... All we can do is respond to what we find if there are things that happened, and we responded as quickly as we knew. It will be up to the NCAA to decide what they think about our response."