UNLV football offers extremely intense weight room experience

UNLV football goes crazy during lifting session (0:36)

UNLV's football team displays high energy while a player does squats in the weight room. (0:36)

Have you ever gone to the gym and wanted to simply do your own thing without interruption from other gym-goers?

Well, here's some advice: Stay clear of UNLV football's weight room.

The video appears to feature 5-foot-9, 165-pound sophomore running back Lexington Thomas squatting with a sizable portion of the team dancing, a personal spotter inches behind him and a whistle blaring in the background. Of course, it ends with the team hoisting him in the air as if he has just scored a game-winning touchdown.

The college football season hasn't started yet, but the Rebels are running away with the offseason team-building belt.