Miss. St. sells out stadium cabanas costing $18K each

Just 48 hours after announcing their availability, Mississippi State sold out eight newly built cabanas on the terrace inside its football stadium at $18,000 apiece.

The cabanas, located on the northwest corner of the Davis Wade Stadium, include 12 tickets for fans to sit on chairs and watch the game on television inside the covered space while enjoying the roar of the crowd. The premium offering also includes food inside the stadium's premium Scoreboard Club area that was built two years ago.

"We have no problem selling out our premium spaces," said Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin. "The biggest challenge is selling our cheaper tickets."

Stricklin said the cabanas allow the school to use a space in the stadium that one day will be ripe for expansion but isn't being fully utilized today.

"It also allows us to bring the tailgating atmosphere, which is very popular in our conference, inside the stadium," he said.

Stricklin said he's happy that the price was right so quickly even though it might suggest that the school priced the property too cheaply.

"I would rather have it sold out than have a couple of them sitting there," Stricklin said, adding that it's possible that three or four more cabanas will be offered at some point.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were the first team to add cabanas to a football stadium. The team sells those spaces on a per-game basis for a rate that starts at $14,000 each.