Iowa State student senate against BYU inclusion in Big 12

The Iowa State University student government has come out against BYU's Big 12 candidacy, according to The Ames Tribune.

The university's student senate passed a resolution Wednesday stating it, "believes that BYU's discriminatory policies and practices are inconsistent with the values of the Big 12 Conference," and it "does not support BYU's membership bid to the Big 12 conference at this time."

The Iowa State student senate joins more than two dozen LGBT advocacy groups, which last month wrote a letter to Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and the league's presidents. Those groups have criticized and accused BYU's honor code, which prohibits "homosexual behavior."

The student senate provided The Ames Tribune with a statement about its resolution.

"Student Government's goal is to create a safe and all-inclusive campus where students feel supported to learn, grow and succeed. The Senate finds that Brigham Young University's Honor Code does not communicate nor reflect the values that The Big XII Conference represents. Therefore, the Senate of Student Government does not support BYU's membership bid to the Big XII at this time."

Iowa State student body president Cole Staudt said in a statement that "BYU's policies against the LGBT community are contrary to the community we desire in the United States" but stopped short of fully supporting the senate resolution.

"The Big 12 stands for the acceptance of everyone, no matter their beliefs. I do not think we would be any better than BYU if the Big 12 schools chose to reject them because of their beliefs. The conference should see BYU's bid to join us as an opportunity to work with BYU to create a more inclusive campus while still respecting the beliefs that many members of the Church of Latter Day Saints hold," Staudt said in the statement.

The Big 12 is meeting with officials from 11 expansion candidates in Dallas this week.