OSU's Mike Gundy still bothered by T. Boone Pickens' harsh words

STILLWATER, Okla. -- Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy admitted he wasn't happy with booster T. Boone Pickens' critical comments against him from earlier in the week, according to KRXO-FM The Franchise.

"I hate that he feels the way he does," Gundy told the radio station, after his Cowboys defeated Texas 49-31 Saturday. "I mean, I don't know what to do. I just have to do my job. I can't do anything about it.

"And you know what? At some point, if somebody feels it ain't good enough, then hell, somebody else can come in here and try it. I mean, I'm good."

Gundy's players seemed to support their coach based on their performance Saturday, which led to some lighthearted postgame antics.

Earlier in the week, Pickens dissed Gundy while taping a podcast with the Austin American-Statesman.

"Mike doesn't handle people relationships very well," Pickens said, according to the newspaper. "And he gets mad about things. I've heard he's written some notes about me that weren't very complimentary."

Pickens, whom Oklahoma State's football stadium is named after, released a statement before Saturday's game, saying he had "not placed a call to Mike Gundy in years" but that both are "united in the belief that the school is bigger than both of us" and that he wishes the coach well.

Gundy, however, told The Franchise that he was still bothered by Pickens' comments from earlier in the week.

"If you really care about OSU, then I want you do things to help OSU," he said. "I don't care who it is. That's the way I see it. You know what I'm saying? If you're doing something that's hurting us in the big picture, well, then I don't like that.

"Because that means it makes it worse on these guys who bust their [tails]. You know? So the way I look at it is, if there's things I really care about -- like you, things you care about, you're doing whatever you can to make it better."