Gators to subsidize season-ticket holders' ticket costs for LSU game

Florida season-ticket holders will be reimbursed for the two games that won't be played in Gainesville and are being offered half-price tickets for the Gators' game against LSU that will now be played on the road in Baton Rouge.

These details were revealed in a letter emailed Sunday and signed by Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley and Phil Pharr, the executive director of the Gator Boosters organization.

For the game against LSU, which was originally supposed to take place in Gainesville on Oct. 8 but was postponed because of Hurricane Matthew, the Florida boosters will subsidize tickets for the Nov. 19 game now being played on the road. The $100 face-value ticket will cost fans $50, the letter notes.

Fans have the option of getting their money rolled over for their 2017 tickets or being immediately reimbursed for the two games not played -- the LSU game in Gainesville as well as the Presbyterian game, which had to be canceled when Nov. 19 became the new date for the Gators to play the Tigers.

In light of how the season went, the letter stated that the required booster donation levels will once again not rise, which would be the fourth consecutive year that that will be the case.

LSU will use the same tickets for Nov. 19 that were distributed for the game against South Alabama, the school LSU was supposed to play before the Florida makeup was arranged. Fans who sold those tickets as South Alabama tickets left an average of $80 per ticket on the table when the opponent changed to Florida.

The Gators are 5-1 and ranked 15th in the nation.