Charlie Weis paid $19 million from Notre Dame in years after firing

Notre Dame paid Charlie Weis nearly $19 million in a contract buyout from the time he was fired in 2009 until payments ended in 2015, according to the school's federal tax return.

After an initial $6.6 million allotment, Weis earned $2.05 million annually from Notre Dame until last year, the Indianapolis Star reported Monday, citing the tax return.

Weis' annual earnings were nearly $500,000 more than Brian Kelly made, though the current Fighting Irish coach is contractually allowed to "receive compensation from external sources with prior written approval from the university," according to the Star's report.

Weis was fired by Notre Dame following the 2009 season after five years as coach. He was fired four games into his third season at Kansas in 2014, while he was still owed $5.63 million as outlined in his contract.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.