Gary Andersen texts reveal insights into decision to leave Oregon State

Gary Andersen abruptly left the Oregon State football program on Monday, walking away from a contract with more than $12.4 million remaining on it that would have kept him tied to the Beavers through the 2021 season.

Tuesday, The Oregonian/OregonLive released several text messages exchanged between Andersen and one of its reporters over the past six weeks that provided some perspective on the former coach's decision.

Andersen began to openly criticize his assistants before Oregon State's loss to Minnesota on Sept. 9.

Andersen told The Oregonian/OregonLive (Sept. 3): "If the defense can not get better ... I will be making some decisions I really do not like or want to make. We will grind!!"

Andersen (Sept. 4): "Self promoting... that's what this business has become!!... That's the biggest reason I am not long for this (expletive)!! Kids are a second thought or third or fourth!!"

After Oregon State's 48-14 loss to Minnesota, Andersen specifically mentioned his staff and addressed his contract when he texted the reporter, John Canzano.

Andersen (Sept. 9): "Hard place right now... one thing I guarantee you is this: This staff needs to figure it out. I ain't going to die doing this (expletive)! It's on me and I get that and right now... Beaver Nation deserves much better! End of story!!"

Andersen (Sept. 12): "I have them by the (expletive) for every penny, no buyout for the next four not counting this year... but that's not my style!! If it does not improve I will do some crazy (expletive) with my salary so I can pay the right coaches the right money!!"

And after Oregon State's loss to Washington State on Sept. 16:

Andersen (Sept. 20): "I hired the wrong (expletive) guys and are still working our way through a bunch of recruiting years that stunk!! It's year three! If these (expletives) can't get it right I will not just say fire them and start over!! That's not the way to go about it. If I (expletive) it up that bad I will take the bullet and ride off into the sunset! I will stay old school!! I will not die doing this (expletive)!! Stay tuned!"

And finally, before Andersen's final game, a loss at USC on Oct. 7, he texted the newspaper:

"I could give a flying (expletive) about natives! I have not looked or listened to any of that (expletive) good or bad... My plan won't change. Coach my (expletive) off for these kids seven more times!! They will get all I got!! ... I will grind for these fans they deserve that!!!"

Andersen's statement to announce his departure from the university Monday reflected the sentiments he expressed in the text messages:

"After many discussions with [athletic director] Scott [Barnes], waiving my contract is the correct decision and enables the young men and the program to move forward and concentrate on the rest of this season," the statement said. "... Coaching is not about the mighty dollar. It is about teaching and putting young men in a position to succeed on and off the field. Success comes when all parties involved are moving in the same direction."

The Beavers have named assistant Cory Hall their interim coach.