Forbes: Texas A&M replaces Texas as most valuable college football program

Texas A&M has supplanted Texas as America's most valuable college football program.

Forbes magazine on Tuesday released its list of most valuable college football programs based on estimate averages for profits and revenue for the 2014, '15 and '16 seasons. Texas had held the top spot, drawing $100 million in revenue in 2011 and $92 million in profit alone in 2014.

A&M's rise was attributed to an increase in athletic department contributions, along with more ticket revenue and conference revenue from the SEC.

Asked about the school's ranking, coach Jimbo Fisher told ESPN's Golic and Wingo on Wednesday that it represents the dedication and resources put into the program.

"I think it means dedication. I think it means resources. I think it means athletics is very important. But as you know, from A&M, everything here is very important," Fisher said. "It's a top-20 institution in the country. The people and the culture and the environment are ridiculous as far as the love and passion for the university."

Texas A&M brought in $148 million in revenue and made $107 million in profit over the three-season span, according to Forbes' estimates. Texas made $133 million in revenue and $87 million in profit, while Michigan was third at $127 million and $75 million.

Alabama and Ohio State round out the top five.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.