Dana Holgorsen 'disappointed' WVU flagged for Horns Down sign

AUSTIN, Texas -- West Virginia wide receiver David Sills V was flagged for taunting after flashing a double Horns Down gesture at the Texas crowd following a touchdown catch in Saturday's 42-41 victory against the Longhorns.

Mountaineers coach Dana Holgorsen said afterward that he was "disappointed" the penalty was called, saying he had "communicated with the refs" beforehand about whether the gesture would be flagged.

"I guess there was miscommunication," Holgorsen said.

"I mean, we got some hand signs, too, that we could throw up. Some of you in here know what I'm talking about. There's a hand signal that looks like the state of West Virginia that we could be flashing left and right out there."

Sills caught a pass along the right sideline and went untouched for a 60-yard touchdown with 3 minutes, 8 seconds left in the first quarter. Moments after scoring, Sills looked to the crowd and flashed the double Horns Down.

The Big 12 has no language in its rulebook addressing gestures, only prohibiting athletes from "committing verbally or physically abusive acts toward game officials or an opponent's team members, coaching staff, institutional personnel or fans."

Big 12 spokesman Bob Burda told ESPN that the decision to flag players for taunting because of gestures is up to "officials' judgment."

Texas officials have complained to the league for years that the Horns Down gesture shouldn't be allowed.

"The Horns Down is disrespectful," former Texas coach Mack Brown said in 2012. "We ought to talk about that as a league."

Longhorns quarterback Sam Ehlinger tweeted a stern message about the Horns Down gesture late Saturday night.

Texas' biggest rival, Oklahoma, has popularized the sign. Its fans and players often flash the Horns Down during the Red River Showdown at the Cotton Bowl.

After the extra point following Sills' touchdown, officials ejected West Virginia left tackle Yodny Cajuste for throwing his hand at the face of a Texas defender. The Mountaineers wound up kicking off from their 10-yard line, which led to a Longhorns touchdown three plays later.