Dancing by Georgia Southern, Coastal Carolina players leads to penalties

Coastal Carolina, GA Southern players get penalties for dance-off (1:04)

Between the third and fourth quarters, Coastal Carolina and Georgia Southern have a dance-off to "Mo Bamba," and every player is given a penalty, resulting in three ejections. (1:04)

Who doesn't love some good dancing? Apparently the referees in Saturday's Georgia Southern-Coastal Carolina game.

Between the third and fourth quarters, the referees issued unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to the entire benches of both teams for dancing and jumping around to the song "Mo Bamba."

Georgia Southern plays a hype song over the loudspeakers before the start of the fourth quarter in every game, and on Saturday, "Mo Bamba" came on the loudspeakers, as it has before. The Georgia Southern players threw four fingers up, signifying that the game was heading to the fourth quarter, and started dancing and jumping around to the music in what the team calls "bringing the juice."

According to Georgia Southern's sports information director, Bryan Johnston, the Coastal Carolina players took exception to the dancing and started jumping around and dancing on their sideline.

It wasn't so much a "dance-off" as it was a way for the players to puff their chests out and try to intimidate the other side, but dancing was involved. Although the players stayed nearly 20 yards apart, and there was no fighting, punches or physical contact, the referees threw penalties on both teams.

Because three players had already been given unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the game, they were ejected. Georgia Southern's Jay Bowdry and Coastal Carolina's T'Qele Holmes were two of the three.

If that weren't odd enough, the game went to triple overtime before Georgia Southern danced off with a 30-27 win.