With five-star recruit's letter of intent unsigned, Will Muschamp and South Carolina patiently wait it out

Five-star defensive end Jordan Burch has still not sent South Carolina his national letter of intent after cryptically reaffirming his commitment to the Gamecocks on Wednesday.

Burch, the No. 4 ranked prospect overall, committed to South Carolina in December during the early signing period, but did not sign. He told reporters he wanted to wait until the February signing period to sign with his teammates.

Burch participated in a news conference at his high school with his teammates, seemingly reaffirming his commitment to South Carolina and signing what was perceived to be his national letter of intent. Burch was cryptic in his wording when speaking to the audience, however, saying he would spend the next three to four years with his friends, rather than saying he was still committed to South Carolina.

He placed a Gamecocks hat on his head, but did not answer any questions from reporters at the suggestion of his mother after the event concluded.

Burch had been pursued by LSU in January, and even took a visit to Baton Rouge before taking his final visit to South Carolina.

Gamecocks coach Will Muschamp held his signing day news conference Wednesday afternoon and announced the four players who signed with South Carolina -- ZaQuandre White, Ger-Cari Caldwell, Gilber Edmond and Burch's high school teammate Alex Huntley.

Muschamp was unable to speak publicly about Burch, because he had not sent in his letter. When asked at the news conference whether there was any reason to be concerned if a prospect has not sent in his letter, Muschamp replied, "Nah, we'll be fine."

A reporter then asked why a recruit might wait to send in his letter, to which Muschamp said, "You'd have to ask them."

Wednesday is the first day that prospects are allowed to sign their national letter of intent, so not receiving Burch's paperwork isn't a make-or-break just yet. However, with LSU in pursuit, there is the threat that Burch decides to switch his decision to the Tigers.