National Junior College Athletic Association regents approve moving football season to spring

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Paul Finebaum insists universities and colleges are being too lax about the pandemic because it may affect earnings for their sports programs. (1:16)

The National Junior College Athletic Association on Monday approved a proposal to move its football season to the spring, according to Dr. Christopher Parker, the NJCAA president and CEO.

The decision, approved by the NJCAA's board of regents during an emergency board meeting, will affect 54 football-playing members of its association, which is made up of 512 schools.

"This plan gives our student-athletes the best opportunity to have as much of a quality season in the spring for all sports, while also allowing some time and engagement when allowed by their individual institutions in the fall," Parker said.

Under the NJCAA Presidential Advisory Council's proposal, football practice would begin on March 1, 2021, with games beginning on March 25. There would be a maximum of seven games allowed, with play wrapping up by May 15 and the NJCAA championship and bowl games beginning on June 3.

This fall, schools would be allowed to practice between Aug. 13 and Oct. 10, with two scrimmages allowed against outside competition if they feel it's safe.

The proposal would also shift the seasons for all other fall and winter sports.

Men and women's basketball would begin practice on Jan. 11, with its season starting on Jan. 29. A maximum 29-game regular season would end on March 27 and championships would begin on April 19. Volleyball, wrestling, track and swimming would all resume practice on Jan. 4.

On Thursday, the California Community College Athletic Association announced it will move all 24 of its sports, including football, to the spring season. Many sports will begin practicing in mid-January with competition beginning in February. The remaining sports will start practices in late March with events starting on April 10.