Kansas State Wildcats safety Wayne Jones carted off after hit to head

Kansas State safety Wayne Jones was carted off the field and taken to a local hospital during Saturday's home football game against Arkansas State, but tweeted afterwards that he walked out of the hospital.

Jones, a sophomore safety from Owasso, Oklahoma, took a hit to the head in the fourth quarter after trying to make a tackle on Arkansas State running back Jamal Jones.

Wayne Jones went in for the tackle and hit his head on Jamal Jones' shoulder, collapsing to the ground and staying there until medical assistance was provided. He was carted off the field with braces around his neck.

Jones wrote in his tweet that he is dealing with a concussion and "some other minor things," but is now resting at home.

"He was moving his extremities, which I was really pleased with when I was out there," Kansas State coach Chris Klieman said after the 35-31 loss.

"I don't quite know where all the injury was, but they were more concerned with his head, neck and back. But he had feeling in his hands, feeling in his toes and feet. Saying prayers for Wayne. He's one of my favorite guys -- just absolutely love him, the player and person he is."