Kansas State football loses 'upwards of 20' scout-team players due to virus outbreak

Kansas States has had a novel coronavirus outbreak among its younger players that has left the Wildcats without a scout team in practice this week, though they have this weekend off before facing Iowa State.

Wildcats coach Chris Klieman said Tuesday that the outbreak has sidelined "upwards of 20 guys.'' As a result, Klieman said, "we've got to be really creative in what we do this week because we have a few young guys that have had it, and if they haven't they are probably in quarantine or isolation.''

Kansas State has lost consecutive games to West Virginia and Oklahoma State.

Klieman said the Wildcats also wouldn't practice as long as they normally do because of the lack of numbers, and that the outbreak is a good reminder to everyone on the roster that it only takes one positive test to cause problems.