UNLV QB Max Gilliam apologizes for eating sushi off model during episode of 'Below Deck'

UNLV quarterback Max Gilliam has apologized for a less than above-board moment while appearing on the reality TV show "Below Deck" earlier this year.

Gilliam, a senior from Thousand Oaks, California, apologized on Twitter for eating sushi off a nude model during an episode that aired last month and was reportedly filmed in Antigua in February and March.

"I would like to apologize for my poor judgement while on the TV show Below Deck and acknowledge that I have made a mistake that I will learn from," Gilliam wrote on Twitter. "While it was not my idea nor any of my friends [sic] ideas to eat sushi off a model, I should have exercised better judgement and declined the idea immediately when it was brought up by the producers."

"Below Deck" airs on Bravo. The episode in which Gilliam appeared, titled "Max and Dax's Excellent Adventure," originally was broadcast Nov. 16.

"This is not a reflection of my character or the way I was raised nor a reflection of the culture of UNLV Football," Gilliam wrote. "I would like to humbly move past this and focus my time and energy on our game against the University of Hawaii this weekend."

According to ESPN Las Vegas, Rebels coach Marcus Arroyo said the program was unaware of the incident until Monday.

"When we talk intently about what we're building here, we mean thoroughly and completely," Arroyo said. "Each of our players, especially our senior leadership, must recognize that when we go out in public we're representing this team, this university and the alumni and fan base. How we conduct ourselves in public is just as important as how we do on the field. I was made aware of Max's recent statement and it is apparent that he also agrees."

Gilliam has completed 60.3% of his passes for 599 yards with four touchdowns and three interceptions in five games. The Rebels are 0-5 heading into Saturday's game at Hawaii.