Pac-12 reverts to standard policy, says teams must forfeit if unable to play due to COVID-19 cases

The Pac-12 has reverted to its standard policy regarding game forfeitures in all sports for the 2021 season and will count any games a team is unable to play as forfeit losses.

In 2020, the conference temporality amended the rule and counted games that were canceled due to player availability related to COVID-19 as no contests, which did not impact the standings.

"Any forfeited contest shall be regarded as a conference loss for the team making the forfeit and a conference win for its opponent," the conference said in a statement. "The Pac-12 rule provides the Commissioner with discretion to determine whether an institution is at fault or primarily at fault for an instability to play a contest based on the facts of the situation."

Earlier this month, the conference also updated its return-to-play protocols related to COVID-19, which, for vaccinated individuals, will no longer mandate regular testing or quarantine after exposure to those who have tested positive.

Unvaccinated individuals, which includes players, coaches and other staff, are required to be tested and quarantine after returning to campus following non-team-related travel, go through regular testing (one PCR test per week or three antigen tests per week) and wear a mask while indoors. These individuals are also subject to quarantine guidelines as set by the CDC, which can include 10-day quarantine periods, when exposed to those who have tested positive.

Teams that reach 85% vaccination rates are subject to modified protocols.