Jackson State Tigers football coach Deion Sanders says he had two toes amputated after medical setback

Deion Sanders reveals the most challenging part of medical setback (2:01)

Deion Sanders shares how difficult it was for him to need to rely on help after his medical setback that resulted in two of his toes being amputated. (2:01)

Deion Sanders had two toes on his left foot amputated because of blood clots stemming from a previous surgery.

The Jackson State coach and NFL Hall of Famer revealed the severity of his foot injury in an episode of his "Coach Prime" documentary series that aired Tuesday night on Barstool Sports.

Sanders was hospitalized for around a month in the middle of last season. The Tigers finished 11-2.

He had a dislocated toe along with an inflamed nerve. His initial procedure was in September and he later returned to the field for practice using a golf cart and crutches. He roamed the sideline for a game with the help of a push scooter.

As he healed, his toes began to darken under the bandages.

"They were talking about the amputation of toes," Sanders said. "Then they were talking about the amputation of my leg from the knee down. Then, they were trying to ensure I had life."

Sanders, 54, underwent several surgeries. He developed a femoral arterial blood clot. He also had compartment syndrome, which meant his leg swelled, and doctors had to flay open his leg to drain fluid. Sanders later had his left foot's big toe and second toe amputated.