Lane Kiffin uses golf ball for first pitch at Tennessee-Ole Miss baseball game

Lane Kiffin tosses out the first pitch ... with a golf ball?! (0:55)

Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin tosses out the ceremonial first pitch with a golf ball before the baseball team takes on Tennessee. (0:55)

Ole Miss Rebels coach Lane Kiffin brought props to the Rebels' baseball field Friday night.

The coach who rarely passes up an opportunity to troll stepped to the mound with a plan. Instead of throwing a baseball during the ceremonial first pitch before the Rebels' game, Kiffin reached into his pocket, pulled out a bright yellow golf ball, then hurled it toward home plate.

The opponent for the Rebs that night: Tennessee.

You'll recall that five months ago, Kiffin was nearly hit by a golf ball in his return as a head coach to Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee -- where he led the Vols during the 2009 season before bolting for USC.

Ole Miss beat Tennessee 31-26 last October, but the game was overshadowed by an ugly scene in which fans threw beer bottles, water bottles and even a mustard bottle in the direction of the visitor's sideline. Play had to be stopped until things settled down enough.

Kiffin joked afterward that he planned to keep as a souvenir a yellow golf ball that had been hurled in his direction.

There's no word on whether it's the same ball he threw from the pitcher's mound on Friday night.