LSU fined $250,000 for field storming after win over Ole Miss

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- The SEC has imposed another six-figure fine for fans storming the field, this time hitting LSU with a $250,000 penalty.

The conference announced the fine Sunday after LSU fans stormed the field to celebrate a 45-20 win over No. 15 Ole Miss. The Rebels were ranked seventh at the time.

The win vaulted LSU back into the rankings at No. 18 but proved costly.

This is LSU's third violation of the SEC's access to competition area policy. LSU was last fined for a violation following a win over then-No. 2 Georgia in 2018.

Tennessee was fined $100,000 for its postgame celebration of a win over No. 6 Alabama on Oct. 15. Fans heaved the uprooted goalposts into the Tennessee River.

Fines start at $50,000 for a first offense then go to $100,000 for a second offense and $250,000 for each one after that. The fine money is deposited into the SEC Post-Graduate Scholarship Fund.