Tennessee and Texas take college football quotes of the week

Dr. John Sorochan

A Tennessee staff member contemplates the logic of field-storming fans, and more from our college football quotes of the week.

"When you first see all the cigars you're like, what is all that? They got dropped, but then they got shredded. So we had all this tobacco laying everywhere. But between shoes and cigar tubes ... we couldn't get over the amount of clothes. OK, what'd you do, walk out of here nekkid?"

Tennessee Volunteers director of sports surface management Darren Seybold, on the detritus left by fans after they charged the field after their win over the Alabama Crimson Tide

"I made a mistake at the end of the game in not singing 'The Eyes of Texas' when the game was done. That was not anything intentional. That was not anything that had to do with our players. I think our players just followed me up the ramp into the locker room, obviously upset by the way the game ended."

Texas Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian, on not singing "The Eyes of Texas," the school song, before leaving the field after their 41-34 loss to the Oklahoma State Cowboys

"Like you saw, pretty clearly, that [Penn State players] completely stopped. They weren't letting us get up the tunnel. And it just seemed like such a sophomoric ploy to try to keep us out of our locker rooms. And [Franklin] looked like he was the ringleader of the whole thing."

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh, blaming Penn State Nittany Lions coach James Franklin for a dust-up between the two teams in the tunnel during halftime of their game two weeks ago

"I didn't get a sandwich thrown at me, but R.J. [Moten] came up to me and said, 'I just got hit with a PB&J in the face.'"

Michigan offensive lineman Trevor Keegan, on the incident