Stanford student suspended from serving as Tree mascot

The individual who serves as the Stanford Tree mascot has been suspended after unfurling a banner that read "Stanford hates fun" during the Cardinal's football game against Arizona State on Oct. 22.

It was first announced by the Stanford Tree's Twitter account on Sunday evening.

A Stanford athletic department spokesperson confirmed the suspension, stating, "The students comprising the executive committee of the LSJUMB have suspended the Tree mascot due to a violation of the band's policies and processes."

An individual who previously served as the Tree will take over mascot duties during the suspension.

It's unclear how long the suspension will last. Messages to those affiliated with the Tree and the marching band were not immediately returned.

The banner was showcased during halftime of the football game with help from the Arizona State Sun Devils mascot and, according to the Stanford Daily -- Stanford's school newspaper -- came in response to the perception among students that the university is suppressing "social opportunities" on campus.

The Stanford Tree and the marching band both have histories of suspensions. In 2016, the band was suspended for reasons that included hazing, sexual harassment and alcohol abuse. In 2006, two students who served as the Tree mascot were suspended: one after getting ejected for dancing in an undesignated area during a NCAA women's basketball tournament game; the other after her blood alcohol level measured 0.157 during a men's basketball game against Cal.