Colorado's Deion Sanders had surgery to fix blood clots in leg

Deion Sanders: 'No talk of amputation' for injured left foot (2:08)

Colorado coach Deion Sanders provides an update about his upcoming medical procedures for his left foot. (2:08)

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders had successful surgery Friday to fix blood clots in his left leg, according to Instagram posts from both him and his fiancée, Tracey Edmonds.

The school had no official comment.

Sanders, 55, said in one of the social media posts that he expects to be released from the hospital Sunday.

The procedure was for a blood clot in his left thigh and another in the same leg below his knee. Sanders said he also has a blood clot in the right leg that doctors were "going to get soon."

Edmonds on Friday posted a picture of Sanders sitting up in his hospital bed, smiling with two thumbs up. Following the surgery, she wrote: "We declare.. God has #CoachPrime @deionsanders covered today! Thank you so much Fam for all your prayers!!"

Sanders, who is entering his first season at Colorado, recently had a meeting with his medical team in which amputating his left foot was discussed as a potential outcome. His conversation with doctors aired as part of "Thee Pregame Show" on YouTube.

During the meeting, Sanders said he had no feeling on the bottom of his foot. He said the procedure Friday was to "try to get those clots so I can have proper blood flow to the leg so they can fix the toes. That's what's going on."

During his time at Jackson State, Sanders was hospitalized in 2021 following complications from surgery to repair a dislocated toe. He experienced blood clots, missed three games and ultimately had two toes on his left foot amputated.

Sanders will coach his first game with Colorado on Sept. 2 at TCU.

ESPN's Adam Rittenberg and The Associated Press contributed to this report.