Larry Scott: Texas won't join Pac-12

The Pac-12's desire to make its own network -- and in the process prevent the creation of the Longhorn Network -- was a factor that kept Texas in the Big 12.

And now, with the Pac-12 set to make an official announcement later Wednesday about its network, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott told the Austin American-Statesman that it all but eliminates the possibility of future membership for the Longhorns.

"I think you could certainly imply that, with the news that we're going to announce tonight," Scott told the newspaper. "The Longhorn Network would be certainly a huge impediment."

Scott reiterated his recent comments that future expansion was coming, but it's unlikely now that Texas would be a part of it.

"It's not something we are looking at now," he told the paper. "We did our deal. We're very happy with it. We're not thinking or looking at expanding at the moment, but we are trying to create the strongest conference possible. I do feel there will be further expansion, and I want to be an attractive place to come."

Scott also said he's watching the Longhorn Network's progress with the prospect of televising high school games, saying that if it's officially given permission by the NCAA, the Pac-12 Network will broadcast high school games as soon as the network goes live.

David Ubben is a college football writer for ESPN.com.