Big 12 sets high school moratorium

The Big 12's athletic directors established a minimum one-year moratorium on university-branded media platforms in the Big 12 broadcasting any high school content of any kind. The league announced the decision following a meeting in Dallas on Monday.

Texas and ESPN announced plans to launch the Longhorn Network in January, and the network planned to broadcast games featuring high school athletes shortly after its launch on August 26.

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe put those plans on hold on July 20, until the league had a chance to meet and discuss the matter further.

The Big 12's athletic directors also plan on requesting the NCAA make the mandate nationwide, so every NCAA member can determine whether broadcasting high school games can be permissible.

"The ADs recognize that this issue is complex and involves a detailed analysis of the recruiting model in many areas, including existing NCAA legislation related to the publicity of prospective student-athletes and the rapidly evolving world of technology," the league said in a statement. "This process will take an extended period of analysis."

ESPN also announced plans to broadcast a second Texas game on its network, plans that were also put on hold by Beebe on July 20. For now, if the Longhorn Network wants to broadcast a second game on its network and it is a Big 12 game, "both member institutions and the Conference office must agree to the selection," the statement read.

David Ubben covers college football for ESPN.com.