Bobby Petrino's motorcycle for sale

A piece of controversial Arkansas football history is for sale.

The website Copart.com is selling the motorcycle that former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino damaged in a crash on April 1.

That accident eventually led to Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long firing Petrino, after it was learned Petrino withheld information about the accident and an inappropriate relationship he had carried on with a woman he later hired for a position with the football program.

The employee, Jessica Dorrell, was with Petrino when he crashed.

The website Arkansassports360.com reported Wednesday that it had confirmed the motorcycle in the listing, which is named "Hawg Wild," is the same motorcycle that Petrino crashed.

The motorcycle had a bid price of more than $3,500 as of early Tuesday afternoon ET. The closing bid date is set for May 30.

According to Arkansassports360.com, an employee at Copart.com said the motorcycle is being sold on behalf of an insurance company.

According to the listing on Copart.com, the motorcycle has a repair cost of $18,481 for front-end damage and is being sold "as-is."

Photos of the motorcycle, a 2007 Harley Davidson, show visible damage to its front fender. According to the listing, the motorcycle, painted the same color red as Arkansas' uniforms and helmets, has an odometer reading of 1,032 miles, a 1.6-liter two-cylinder engine and an airbrushed rendering of a charging razorback on the fuel tank.