Big East wants bowl for champion

The Big East Conference has discussed starting a new bowl game for its champion, likely in Florida, starting with the 2014 season, according to sources at Big East Media Days in Newport, R.I.

The conference is seeking a commissioner, a new television deal and a place for its champion after essentially losing its place as an automatic qualifier with the new postseason format.

As opposed to an East-West Divisional format, momentum in the Big East is for a "zipper concept" splitting natural rivals like Boise State and San Diego State and Houston and SMU, who would then play each year in a potential 6-1-1 format, sources said.

The eight-game conference format would include six divisional games, one crossover game and one rotating crossover opponent.

Officials from schools soon to join the conference like Boise State, San Diego State and Houston are in attendance in Newport.

Coaches and players from outgoing conference members Pittsburgh and Syracuse are here. But their leadership has not been a part of conference meetings related to television strategy and scheduling and possible further expansion.