Texas to use Case McCoy, David Ash

AUSTIN, Texas -- The decision on which Texas quarterback walks out for the first snap against Wyoming has not been made.

What has been made is the decision that both Case McCoy and David Ash will get snaps against the Cowboys in the opener on Sept. 1.

"We want both guys to play," co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said.

"Right now obviously one guy is going to have to roll out there at the beginning. You have to do that," Harsin said. "But if they continue progressing like they have been through these next few practices before we play, you can expect both guys out there."

What to expect when either Ash or McCoy do roll out there is another issue altogether. Both played extensively in 2011 with mixed results.

Since that time, Texas' coaches have attempted to separate the two. But, at least for now, the coaching staff has come to grips with the fact that the Longhorns might be better off with two quarterbacks.

"There are strength and weakness with both guys," Harsin said. "And what we found out is each guy, you put them in different scenarios and they go and they operate. They both operated well in different situations.

"So we're looking at different schemes and things like that that both quarterbacks can be successful."

But success and playing time might be measured slightly differently. Texas is not looking for someone to control a game; instead, they want a quarterback who can manage it -- make the proper check, hand the ball to the back, complete the bubble screen and maybe occasionally take a safe shot down the field.

As far as playing time goes, Harsin is not going to rotate quarterbacks with drives.

"It's not a 50-50, 60-40, it's not a back and forth," the second-year offensive coordinator said. "You're going to have your quarterback out there and he is going to play and you're going to have an opportunity, if things are right or the situation comes up, that your second quarterback is going to go in, going to have a chance to go play as well.

"I think it's ideal to have both guys playing at a high level."

Harsin has also seen better play on the field and better understanding of the offense in the film room.

"Both guys in just their overall understanding have really improved," Harsin said. "You take them to the classroom and you start popping on the tape and you start listening to those guys just spitting it out. Just listening to them regurgitate the offense is encouraging."

Encouraging enough that, for now, Harsin feels he has two quarterbacks from which he can choose or not.