Commissioner: Miami's done enough

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- ACC commissioner John Swofford told ESPN he would be "surprised and disappointed" if Miami received any more penalties from the NCAA.

"I think [Miami has] stepped up to the plate and given themselves a strong dose of medicine," Swofford said Monday. "I don't know of a school that has taken themselves out of bowls for two straight years, including a possible BCS game.

"Nothing shocks me [with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions], but I'd be surprised and disappointed by any additional penalties."

Miami self-imposed bowl bans the past two seasons in the scandal that resulted in the NCAA charging the school with a lack of institutional control. Had there been no ban last season, Miami would have represented the ACC Atlantic Division and played Coastal Division champion Florida State in the conference championship game.

Miami coach Al Golden told ESPN he appreciated the commissioner's backing.

"I'm grateful," Golden said Monday. "More than anything, what it says about the approach the University of Miami has had, not only Mr. Swofford but the university, is that we've cooperated fully and been transparent through the entire process."

Golden would not say if he believes the Hurricanes will receive further punishment.

"We've operated with integrity and class," Golden said. "I'm not going to jeopardize it down the stretch by commenting on it."

Golden said he hopes to hear something from the NCAA in the next two weeks. The NCAA Committee on Infractions usually takes six to eight weeks to reach a decision. Miami went before the committee June 13-14 in Indianapolis.

"The biggest sanction for us is the sanction of uncertainty," Golden said. "We're ready [to find out] and deliver us from this cloud we're under right now.

"We would like to have a distraction-free training camp."