College football confidential

"THIS IS DEFINITELY anonymous, right?" the likely All-American asks. Yes, he is assured. "Okay, because if we're going to talk about Coach's daughter ..." Yep, we went there (please read on before writing the editor) and other uncomfortable places when we rounded up 92 college football players in July. We swore to keep their names under our hat; in return, they let us peek inside their brains.

MAC player on who's most overhyped
"I don't want to say AJ McCarron has an easy job, but he has an easier job. Best O-line, best receivers, best running backs, best defense -- he just has to not mess it up."

MWC player on who's the best
"I think Johnny Football is the best player in the country and the most overhyped. He's amazing, but the expectations for him are unattainable. It's just not fair."

Big Ten player on postseason preference
"Explain to me why we can't do a 16- or 32-team playoff. Division III does it. High schools do it. All of that stuff about injuries and academics is just nonsense. You can't say that you care about D1 players sooooo much and then let hundreds of other players play a 32-team playoff."

Pac-12 player on gay teammates
"Nobody would really care that much about a guy being gay. It's more that we constantly have distractions -- arrests, suspensions, fights at practice, coaching changes, the whole deal -- and having a player who's gay would just be another huge distraction. We don't need any of that crap."

MWC player on dating Coach's daughter
"Our coaches dictate our whole lives, decide who's playing and who's not, bench you because they didn't like your attitude during a practice ... You name it, they have total authority. I would love to turn the tables and roll past my coach's house one day on a date, with his daughter in the front seat."

AAC player on dealing with gamblers
"You have to be really careful, especially on social media now. You never know when a simple tweet question is really so that a guy can bet $50,000 on the other team."

SEC player on hiding concussions
"I've lied about concussions. It's pretty easy to get away with it -- you just stay away from the team doctors."

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