Notre Dame fixing souvenir cups

Win one for the spell-checker.

Souvenir soda cups sold by Notre Dame during its game against Temple on Saturday said "FIGTHING IRISH" on them instead of the team's properly spelled nickname.

The incident instantly became a laughing matter on social media, and university spokesman Dennis Brown told ESPN.com on Tuesday that the mistake would be corrected before the next home game.

"It's an institutional responsibility, we're not going to be blaming individuals," Brown said.

Brown declined to comment about how the spelling error occurred or exactly how many cups were printed with the error. He did say that only the 50-ounce cups had the error, not the more popular 32-ounce size.

"The solution is to correct them, which we will do," Brown said. "It was an unfortunate mistake."

Centerplate, the company that runs concessions for Notre Dame Stadium, did not return a call seeking comment.

Notre Dame plays its next two games on the road, at Michigan and at Purdue, before returning home to play Michigan State on Sept. 21.