Florida State ahead of Oregon in BCS

No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Florida State have the inside track to the national championship game after topping the season's first BCS standings.

The standings, released Sunday night, put Florida State ahead of No. 3 Oregon, one day after the Seminoles cruised to a 51-14 win at Clemson.

In both polls that are used in the BCS calculations, Oregon is second and Florida State third, but the standings' computer component gave the Seminoles the advantage.

No. 4 Ohio State and No. 5 Missouri round out a top 5 of undefeated teams.

No. 6 Stanford is the top one-loss team. The Cardinal are ahead of two teams with perfect records: No. 7 Miami and No. 8 Baylor.

Clemson is No. 9, while undefeated Texas Tech is No. 10.

The percentage of votes in the USA Today and Harris polls each count for one third of the calculations. A composite ranking of six computers make up the final third. Each team's highest and lowest computer rankings are ignored in the calculations.

Florida State had the best overall computer ranking, followed by the SEC's Alabama and Missouri. The computers ranked Oregon fourth.

The Seminoles led three of the computers, Alabama led two, and Missouri topped one.

The computers were not kind to the Big 12 -- Texas Tech has the 11th-best computer ranking while Baylor is 12th, despite their perfect records.

Auburn is No. 11 in the BCS standings after its seventh-best computer ranking jumped it above No. 12 UCLA and No. 13 LSU.

No. 14 Virginia Tech, which was ranked No. 19 by both polls, also received a large computer boost.

The SEC has six schools in the BCS top 25, the most of any conference, while the ACC, Pac-12 and Big 12 all have four.

The Big Ten has three schools in the top 25, but there's a steep drop-off after Ohio State. Michigan is No. 22 and Nebraska is No. 24.

No. 17 Fresno State is ahead of No. 18 Northern Illinois in a battle of undefeated teams looking to bust into the BCS from outside the automatic qualifying conferences.

One of those schools will earn a BCS bid if it finishes in the top 12, or if it finishes in the top 16 and ahead of an AQ conference champion. That appears to be a strong possibility this season because Fresno State and Northern Illinois are both ahead of the top teams from the American Athletic Conference: No. 20 Louisville and No. 23 UCF.