NCAA adopts new recruiting rules

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA adopted five new rules for football, dealing with recruiting and coaches' access to players during the summer.

The Division I Board of Directors on Wednesday said in a news release the rules are effective immediately.

The new rules include:

• Allowing football players to participate in eight hours per week of required weight training and conditioning. Up to two of the eight hours can consist of film review.

• Prohibiting school staff members from attending all-star games or activities associated with those games.

• Establishing an extended dead period when no in-person recruiting can take place in December and January. For 2013-14, Dec. 16 through Jan. 15 is now a dead period.

• Establishing a 14-day dead period in late June and early July for FBS schools.

• Allowing schools to pay for meals for up to four family members who accompany a recruit on an official visit.

In other business, the board asked the Leadership Council to study whether heavy reliance on online courses is appropriate for student-athletes.