Who has the best chance to make the College Football Playoff?

Michigan facing make-or-break game at Penn State (1:00)

The Allstate Playoff Predictor isn't giving Michigan much of a chance for the College Football Playoff. (1:00)

One week after Alabama moved atop the Allstate Playoff Predictor, the Crimson Tide have fallen to No. 3

Ohio State is the new No. 1, with a 78% chance of making the playoff and a 30% chance of winning it all. With a win over Wisconsin this weekend, expect those odds to continue climbing.

Clemson narrowly passes Nick Saban's crew in playoff odds, with the Tigers at 71% to make the top four. But Alabama has a 23% chance to win it all, while Dabo Swinney's group has an 18% chance of repeating.

Oklahoma stays in the fourth spot, with a 49% chance of making the playoff and an 8% chance of taking home the title.

Fellow unbeatens LSU (46% to make playoff) and Penn State (28%) are right behind them.

There are at least three games this weekend that promise to shake up the College Football Playoff landscape -- Wisconsin at Ohio State, Notre Dame at Michigan and Auburn at LSU. When the dust settles on those, we'll have a much better idea of where things stand heading into the home stretch.

From the Group of 5, undefeated SMU and Appalachian State are each hanging on, although with less than a 1% chance each of making the playoff.