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2022 recruiting class rankings: SEC powers battle for No. 1 after top prospect commits

Walter Nolen committing to Texas A&M means the top 10 teams shuffle up yet again with over a month until signing day.


Breaking down No. 1 recruit Walter Nolen's commitment to Texas A&M over SEC foes

Walter Nolen, the top-ranked football recruit in the class of 2022, committed to Texas A&M. What does it mean for the Aggies and the teams that missed out?


Which college football recruits in the Class of 2022 rose the rankings?

Two prospects achieved five-star status, but there were several top college football recruits in the 2022 class who climbed the rankings.



Arch Manning, five-star pass-rushers and other standout recruits in the Class of 2023

Arch Manning is one of the most talented quarterback recruits in recent memory, but there is still one prospect who ranks above him.

The Russaw family

Arch Madness: How to handle the hype of being a Manning and the nation's top QB recruit

Arch Manning is the most sought-after quarterback recruit in the country and a descendant from football royalty. How do he and his family keep it all in perspective?

Derick Hingle

Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, oh my: A look at each stop on Arch Manning's fall recruiting tour

The next prospect from the first family of football, Arch Manning, is already the No. 2 recruit overall and top quarterback in the 2023 class. Manning took a look beyond high school with his fall recruiting tour.

Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

2022's top recruits

  • ThreeStep
  • Top 300 players in the Class of 2022

    Walter Nolen is one of the top defensive prospects in the Class of 2022, but who are the other top prospects you should keep an eye on?

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