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2022 recruiting class rankings: A new No. 1 shakes up the top 10

Ohio State and Penn State have held the No. 1 spot for much of the 2022 recruiting cycle, but a new team is atop the class rankings.

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Which college football recruits in the Class of 2022 rose the rankings?

Two prospects achieved five-star status, but there were several top college football recruits in the 2022 class who climbed the rankings.


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Which college football transfers have made the biggest impact so far?

Alabama, Georgia and Michigan State are among the top college football programs that capitalized from the transfer portal this season.

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Breaking down the five-star freshmen so far this season

There were 14 college football recruits in the 2021 class who earned a five-star rating. How have they played as freshmen so far?

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2022's top recruits

  • ThreeStep
  • Top 300 players in the Class of 2022

    Walter Nolen is one of the top defensive prospects in the Class of 2022, but who are the other top prospects you should keep an eye on?

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