Newspaper receives compromising photo

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- Bowling Green suspended seven hockey
players Tuesday, one day after a newspaper showed coach Scott
Paluch a photo it said was of a nude player whose body was covered
with profanity.

Ryan Barnett, Steve Brudzewski, Bryan Dobek, Mike Falk, Don
Morrison, Brett Pilkington and Alex Rogosheske were suspended for
violating team policy, the school said in a statement.

Paluch and athletic director Paul Krebs declined to discuss the
photo at a news conference announcing the suspensions.

The Sentinel-Tribune newspaper reported it received a photo
Monday that showed a Bowling Green hockey player face down, with
profanity and racial slurs scrawled on his body in colored marker.
The newspaper said it showed Paluch the photo.

The envelope containing the photo had a Canadian postmark but no
return address, the newspaper said. It wasn't immediately clear
where or when the photo was taken.

The photo showed eight men, at least five of whom are current
players, the newspaper said.

"It's unacceptable. We'll get to the bottom of it," Paluch
told the Sentinel-Tribune.