Alumni and faculty to vote for new mascot

MILWAUKEE -- Amid heavy criticism over its new nickname, the
Marquette board of trustees decided Wednesday to abandon the name
Gold and let students, alumni and faculty vote for a new moniker.

The decision came a week after trustees voted to switch the
school's nickname to Gold from the Golden Eagles, which the school
took in 1994.

In the last week, people upset about the new name flooded the
school with angry phone calls, letters and e-mails.

"Not one of us ever felt there would be as much reaction as we
got," board chairman John Bergstrom said.

When asked about the name change on ESPNEWS last week, Miami Heat guard and former Marquette player Dwyane Wade said, "I gotta call. I gotta call in on that one. I heard they were trying to change it back to Warriors. The Gold? I'm gonna make a call to Marquette after we get off this [interview]. I don't know about that one."

The school will hold a vote via the Internet and allow people to
pick from 10 names, university president Robert Wild said.

Wild said the 10 names won't include the Warriors, the
university's nickname during a run that saw it win the NCAA men's
basketball Tournament in 1977 under coach Al McGuire.

Wild said the school hasn't scheduled the vote, though he hopes
to have a new nickname before Marquette leaves Conference USA and
joins the Big East Conference on July 1.

The outcry over the university's nickname started about a year
ago at graduation when two trustees offered the school $1 million
each to go back to Warriors, which it dropped in favor of the
Golden Eagles because the name and logo offended some American
Indian groups.

Some alumni and students of the Jesuit university couldn't
accept the Golden Eagles nickname.

Wild said trustees decided to let people vote because they felt
much of the negative reaction over the Gold nickname arose because
they didn't included others in the decision.