Cowboys tell NCAA of several violations in 2 years

STILLWATER, Okla. -- Oklahoma State has reported several
minor violations of NCAA rules in the past two years, a newspaper
reported Sunday.

Among the violations, two football graduate assistants failed to
enroll in enough courses at Oklahoma State and a school vice
president improperly agreed to have an advertisement hung on a gym
wall, according to a story in Sunday's editions of The Oklahoman.

Graduate assistants David Rausch and Chris McCurry violated an
NCAA bylaw by not being enrolled in at least 50 percent of the
institution's minimum hours during the 2003-04 school year, the
newspaper reported. In response, a letter of admonishment was
issued and corrective measures were taken to monitor graduate
assistants' enrollment hours.

Oklahoma State vice president Michael Heintze agreed to purchase
an institutional advertisement to be hung on the wall of the
gymnasium of a Texas junior college. The ad was removed, and a
compliance and rules discussion with Heintze took place.

Also, former strength and conditioning coach Gary Calcagno broke
an NCAA rule by showing recruits a videotape of various types of
weight training.