North Dakota AD: Court ruling issued close to deadline

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- University of North Dakota athletic
director Tom Buning said a weekend court ruling that allows UND to
hold a football playoff game without dropping its Fighting Sioux
nickname came just as the playoffs were about to be scheduled.

Attorneys were notified of Judge Lawrence Jahnke's ruling
Saturday night, hours before the playoff pairings were announced.
The NCAA had banned UND from playing at home because of its
Fighting Sioux nickname, but the school asked for a court order to
put the ban on hold until the case was resolved.

"We were probably down to the 48-minute time limit when I got
it," Buning said. "I got the message to the North Region
coordinator, and he was able to play that voice message back to the
entire committee who was on the phone."

The schedule has UND playing host to Winona State in the first
round of the NCAA Division II football playoffs on Saturday.

In his ruling, Jahnke said the preliminary order should not be
considered a sign of the outcome of the case.