USC goalie ejected, ticketed after horsing around

NORTH LOGAN, Utah -- A University of Southern California
hockey goalie put on a show, but it had nothing to do with stopping

Mickey Meyer rode his stick like a horse, dropped his bulky
pants, mooned the crowd and slapped his buttocks during a game
against BYU, police said.

He was ejected and ticketed for lewdness, a misdemeanor, after
an officer who was working security at the rink said he witnessed
the scene Saturday.

"I had my fill of these refs," Meyer said on an Internet
broadcast of the game, according to The Herald-Journal of Logan.

It will be up to prosecutors whether to pursue a case against

"This is a small town," North Park police Sgt. John Italasano
said. "This was a college team playing and hockey's a wild game.
Sometimes things get out of hand."

Meyer's antics occurred while play was stopped and referees were
trying to sort out penalties in the third period at Eccles Ice

The junior from Clinton, N.Y., was "riding his hockey stick
like a horse and slapping his butt," North Park Officer Mike
Stauffer said in a report.

After pulling down his pants, Meyer slapped his bare bottom
several times, Stauffer said.

Rink manager Floyd Naegle was unhappy.

"We don't treat this as a funny incident," he said Tuesday.
"We're a family oriented business. It's a one-time incident and we
try to do what we can to protect ourselves."

The Trojans lost the game, 6-4. USC coach Mark Wilbur did not
immediately return a phone call or e-mail seeking comment Tuesday.

Prosecutor Scott Wyatt laughed when told about the incident
Tuesday at the state Capitol, where he is a member of the Utah
House. He declined to say whether he would press charges. The
maximum penalty is six months in jail.

"Well, that's my call, but I haven't seen anything" from
police, Wyatt said.