NCAA says live updates via blog limited to score, time remaining only

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA eased its restrictions on blogging
and said live updates from its events are permitted as long as they
are limited to scores and time remaining.

The issue arose last week after a reporter for The
Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., was ejected from an NCAA
baseball tournament game for submitting live Internet updates
during play.

Bennie Ivory, executive editor of The Courier-Journal, said the
NCAA's latest position was evidence that "they made a mistake."

"It's no clarification," Ivory said.

NCAA spokesman Bob Williams said Brian Bennett was asked
repeatedly not to blog play-by-play reports because it violated
NCAA policy as a "live representation" of the game. Bennett
provided in-game blog updates during Louisville's super regional
series against Oklahoma State that gave the score and a brief
summary of game action.

"Any reference to game action in a blog or other type of
coverage could result in revocation of credentials," the policy
stated, according to a copy provided to The Associated Press.

In a statement released Wednesday, however, Williams said the
NCAA had issued "incorrect information" that live updates of any
kind were prohibited.

"In fact, in-game updates to include score and time remaining
in competition are permissible by any media entity whether
credentialed or not," Williams said.

Jon Fleischaker, the paper's lawyer, said the paper hasn't made
a decision about whether it will sue the NCAA or the University of