Division I coaches not allowed to text message recruits

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Division I coaches are barred from text
messaging recruits.

An attempt to override a ban failed Saturday at the NCAA
convention. The vote by delegates was 240 to 65, with one
abstention. The ban took effect Aug. 1 and was on the agenda after
30 schools asked for the override vote.

Kerry Kenny, who played basketball at Lafayette College and is
the incoming chairman of the NCAA student-athlete advisory
committee, asked delegates to uphold the ban. He called text
messaging intrusive, putting an undue burden on recruits and
parents with messages coming in at all hours.

"Only five months have passed since the ban, and I am delighted
to say the recruiting process has survived," Kenny said.
"Student-athletes continue to be recruited and student-athletes
have signed with institutions no different than has been done in
the past."

The ban was discussed by the American Football Coaches
Association last Wednesday during their convention in Anaheim,
Calif. They originally opposed the ban, while the National
Association of Basketball Coaches surveyed members and found them
almost evenly split on the issue.

The NCAA had overturned two rulings since 2006 and added one
more Saturday. Division I delegates voted 190-95 to allow
institutions to change dates of competition for men's and women's
golf, allowing them outside play in nine three-day tournaments of
24 days of competition.

But delegates also rejected modifying financial aid for baseball