Ravens' Harbaugh defends aggressive calls in loss

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh vehemently defended his aggressive decisions after Sunday's 33-28 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Ravens failed on three two-point conversions and went for it on fourth down four times (getting three first downs).

Harbaugh was specially asked on why Baltimore went for two points after the Ravens cut the deficit to 30-19 with 12 minutes, 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

"The point was to score as many points as we could," Harbaugh said. "Every one of those [two-point conversion attempts] was clear analytical decisions to go for two."

Harbaugh indicated being aggressive was part of the game plan all week. The Chiefs have averaged 35.1 points per game since Patrick Mahomes took over as the Kansas City starting quarterback last season.

"We had a mindset that we were going to come in and try and score as many points as we could," Harbaugh said. "That's what we tried to do. I know we all felt the same way -- Lamar [Jackson] felt the same way, we all did. We're going to keep playing that way just for the record. When you write your article, just understand that we'll disagree with your criticism. We're going after it. That's the way we're going to play all year."

Asked if he had any second thoughts, Harbaugh said without hesitation, "No. Absolutely not. We don't play scared. You've been watching me for a long time."

The Ravens had attempted 27 two-point conversions in 178 games with Harbaugh. That ranks 13th in the NFL since 2008.

Last season, five teams went for three or more two-point conversions in a game. Two teams -- the Browns against the Chiefs and the 49ers against the Cardinals -- were 0-for-3.

"We're trying to score points," Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson said. "Chiefs have a great offense, an explosive offense. Our job is to finish, keep our defense on the sideline as much as we can. And we didn't do that today. We started doing it toward the end, but it was too late."

Baltimore also took chances on fourth down throughout the game. The Ravens converted three of four fourth downs, including a fourth-and-1 from their own 34-yard line.

"I could just tell you analytically, like if you look at the numbers, it's not even close," Harbaugh said. "So you understand in terms of the percentage of chances to win the game. I'm just telling you. That's what the analytics say. That's what it says. That's how it works."

Harbaugh added, "But it wouldn't even matter. We believe in our offense, and we're going to try and get as many first downs as we can. I think it led to a touchdown the very first time, did it not? We'll keep doing it whenever it suits us, whatever makes the most sense. We're not going into it blind. We got the numbers. We know what we're doing. That was the plan."