Sullinger, Payne show off post game

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- The second day of action at the NBAPA Top 100 camp featured some hotly contested battles in the backcourt as well as some notable one-on-one matchups in the paint. Among the battles, we had two chances to see outstanding point guards Brandon Knight (Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Pine Crest) and Josh Selby (Hyattsville, Md./Lake Clifton), first in a regular game, then in an all-star game. Neither player disappointed as they displayed their impressive wares on the hardwood.

On the interior, AAU teammates Jared Sullinger (Columbus, Ohio/Northland) and Adreian Payne (Dayton, Ohio/Jefferson Township) matched wits in the paint, allowing for each player to demonstrate his high skill level.

Standout player

Jared Sullinger (6-8. 250, PF)
2010, Columbus, Ohio/Northland, committed to Ohio State

Sullinger does a tremendous job of scoring in the paint when he receives the ball. When he can put his big body on a post defender, he as an uncanny ability to create space and score on the block, negating the defender's athletic and length advantage. He looked more mobile, finishing off offensive rebounds with tip-dunks as well as showing more counter moves -- particularly using a left-hand (off hand) jump hook.

Surprise player

Stacey Poole (6-5, 190, SG)
2010, Jacksonville, Fla./Jackson

Poole has very good athleticism and quickness. He uses his very quick first step to get past defenders on the perimeter. He will become an even better slasher once he improves his ballhandling skills. In addition to his quickness, Poole also covers a tremendous amount of ground with his first step, making him even more difficult to contain off the bounce. He's an incredibly active player and when Poole extends the range on his jumper, he will present even more nightmares for opposing wings when they attempt to defend him.

Junior achiever (top 2011 prospect)

Derrick Wilson (6-0, 210, PG)
2011, Lakeville, Conn./The Hotchkiss School

Wilson uses his very impressive strength, muscular body, and quickness to get to the hoop with ease. He has a very compact build, which makes it virtually impossible for defenders to knock him off his path and impede his penetration to the rim. Wilson also uses his very good strength and lateral quickness to keep opposing point guards out of the lane when they try to penetrate.

On the defensive

Tyler Thornton (6-2, 190, PG)
2010, Washington, D.C./Gonzaga, committed to Duke

Thornton plays defense on the perimeter with a willingness and vigor rarely seen in top-notch prospects. He moves his feet very well, easily cutting off defenders and forcing them away from where they want to be on the court. Thornton also has a good body and the necessary strength to keep opposing ball handlers from overpowering him. In fact, his strength lets him dictate where he wants ball handlers to go when they use the dribble.

Coming attraction

Josh Selby (6-3, 185, combo guard)
2010, Hyattsville, Md./Lake Clifton, committed to Tennessee

Selby has a warrior's mentality in that he thinks he can get a bucket whenever he wants. Most of the time, he is correct, thanks to his quickness and strength in getting to the hoop. He will also connect on jumpers from well beyond 3-point range off the dribble. He does not back down from challenges and when he faced Knight, Selby more than held his own against him. Selby has a fearless attitude and leads his team through his spirited play.

Play of the day

Joe Jackson (Memphis, Tenn./White Station) is lightning-quick with outstanding leaping ability, which makes him a legitimate threat whenever he gets in the open court. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Jackson got the ball in the open, used his jets to get the bucket, rose up in a crowd and finished with a dunk over a couple of opposing bigs in traffic.


• 2010 point guard Kendall Marshall (Arlington, Va./Bishop O'Connell) has incredible vision and passing skills. He possesses a keen understanding of getting his teammates the ball in a position to score and at the right times.

• Class of 2010 SF Justin Martin (Indianapolis/Lawrence North) has a very efficient shooting stroke. His good mechanics and very little wasted motion allow him to connect on jumpers from well beyond the 3-point line.

• 2010 PF Melvin Tabb (Raleigh, N.C./Enloe) plays an impressive, active brand of basketball. He rebounds the ball on both ends, runs the floor and scores in transition.

• C Adreian Payne (Dayton, Ohio/Jefferson Township), a 2010 prospect, keeps his energy level high most of the time on the floor. He uses his length and athleticism to contest shots on the defensive end. With more strength, he should become a devastating low-post scoring and rebounding prospect.

Trey Zeigler (Mount Pleasant, Mich.) has the ability to get into the lane with ease because of his quick first step. He also does a good job of using those penetration skills to get into the teeth of the defense and dish to open teammates for scoring chances.

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