Duking it out for Tyler Adams

It was never made out to be a big deal and by all accounts behind the scenes, it wasn't. When former Duke commitment Tyler Adams (Brandon, Miss./Brandon) showed up at Georgetown for Midnight Madness, the writing was on the wall: he would not be attending Duke.

The 6-foot-9 center committed to Duke last April when the Blue Devils were on their grind for size. The big-bodied Adams was attractive to them as they looked to re-insert a Carlos Boozer-type body into the rotation. Over the summer, Duke attended Adams' games but there wasn't the same buzz surrounding Adams as there was with other Duke recruits. The ensuing decommitment is more of an affirmation that Adams is looking around than a shock to any of the parties involved.

"I told them last week that I was going to open it," Adams said. "We didn't really decide to part ways, I just told them I was going to look at other schools."

This isn't a decommitment that will end with a recommitment. Both Duke and Adams have gone their separate ways.

Two schools emerged as suitors for Adams and each has its roots in Mississippi. The Mississippi State Bulldogs are the in-state program Adams identifies most with and Georgetown is on the list because it employs a former MSU assistant, Robert Kirby.

Kirby was hired to be on John Thompson's staff and he's very familiar with Adams. Adams feels comfortable with Kirby and likes Georgetown for its history with guys his size.

"One reason [for looking at] Georgetown is its a big man school and that might be right for me," Adams said.

With a visit to Georgetown completed, Adams said he doesn't need to visit the Bulldogs officially. Mississippi State are an hour and a half from his home and he's been down to a few football games already.

"Right now, Georgetown and Mississippi State are both pretty good," Adams said. "I'm definitely going to let them know what I'm doing in another week because I'm planning on signing during the early period."

Dave Telep is the senior basketball recruiting analyst for ESPN.com. His college basketball scouting service is used by more than 225 colleges and numerous NBA teams. He can be reached at espndt@gmail.com. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter.