Buckeye Prep Invitational recap

The Buckeye Prep Invitational Tournament has grown into one of the top events in Ohio. The tournament had over 80 teams in attendance with some solid talent from around Ohio and the Midwest. Here is a look at who stood out at the tournament.

U-17 group

Adolphus Washington (Cincinnati, Ohio/ Taft)
2012, PF, 6-foot-4 | Team: All Ohio Purple

He has been a physical player for four years, but is also a big-time football prospect.

Jalean Lowe (Cincinnati, Ohio/ Taft)
2012, SG, 6-3 | Team: All Ohio Purple

After winning the state Division 3 championship, Lowe has continued his stellar play. He is a notorious streaky shooter with range to 20 feet.

C.J. Gettys (Findlay, Ohio/Findlay)
2012, C, 6-11 | Team: All Ohio Purple

He can score in the paint, when he gets touches, but is not a great defender.

Zack Garber (Vanlue, Ohio/Vanlue)
2013, PF, 6-7 | Team: Ohio Hoopsters

He is a small-school player who is making a name for himself this spring. He has a big, strong body and knows how to use it.

Willie Moore (Cincinnati, Ohio/Aiken)
2012, SG/PG, 6-3 | Team: Ohio Hoopsters

He's a talented wing and a good passer who can score. Moore simply needs to learn to sustain his effort.

U-16 group

Jae Sean Tate (Pickerington, Ohio/ Central)
2014, SF, 6-3 | Team: King James Shooting Stars

He's a lefty combo forward who gets it done in the paint. He is the son of former Ohio State and Cincinnati star Jermaine Tate.

Elias Osborne (Columbus, Ohio/ Centennial)
2013, SG, 6-2 | Team: Ohio Predators

He's a skilled guard with good size, athletic ability and can really finish at the rim.

Jaylen Benton (Columbus, Ohio/ Northland)
2013, PG, 6-0 | Team: Columbus Playmakerz

He's a scoring point guard who is improving steadily. He will need to step up for Northland next season, but he has the talent.

Tommy Scales (Richmond Heights, Ohio/ Richmond Heights)
2012, PF, 6-6 | Team: Cleveland Millenium Fire

He has some talent, but must learn to be more productive.

Robert Caldwell (Dayton, Ohio/ Stivers)
2014, PG, 5-8 | Team: King James Shooting Stars

He is a lefty point guard who can score and distribute well.

U-15 group

Dequandre Dentmond (Lansing, Mich./ Catholic)
2014, PF, 6-7 | Team: Michigan Titans

He is raw, but the long and athletic forward has developing skills. Dentmond is one of the best prospects in the ninth grade division.

Luke Kennard (Franklin, Ohio)
2015, SF/SG, 6-3 | Team: Cincinnati Knights

The skilled lefty wing has some definite talent.

Amos Harris (Dayton, Ohio/ Dunbar)
2015, PG, 5-7 | Team: Cincinnati Knights

The super fast lefty is a pure point guard with a lot of tools.

Evan Bailey (Massillon, Ohio/ Jackson)
2014, SF, 6-4 | Team: King of the Court

He's a skilled wing who plays hard and is a good shooter and slasher.

John Stovall, a recruiting coordinator, has worked as director of scouting for Prep Spotlight Scouting Service and magazine for 15 years.