NCAA clears way for club-team cap

The NCAA Division I legislative council this week delayed a decision on a proposal that would curb the number of players a team can bring in from other states, said Erik Christianson, NCAA director of media relations.

The proposal, which aims to limit clubs to just three players from states adjacent to their own, was amended this week to take effect on Sept. 1, 2010. The original legislation was to have gone into effect immediately.

Following this week's decision, the proposal will be sent out for comment and will be considered again in April when the council holds its spring governance meetings. The move means that the April and July viewing periods for 2010 will be unchanged, and teams will continue to be able to draw players from any geographic location.

Fall of 2010 is the first potential viewing period that could be impacted.

The legislation was proposed in September of 2009 to keep teams from "renting" players from other regions for specific events, which became a problem on the boys' side of the game.

The women's basketball world was also paying close attention to several men's basketball-specific proposals regarding recruiting as they could become universal in time.

Proposal 2009-99 was approved by the council and will prohibit Division I institutions from hiring people associated with prospects for non-coaching positions during a period of two years before and two years after the prospect's enrollment at an institution.

The council did not immediately green-light three other key pieces of legislation. Proposals 2009-100, prohibiting an institution from holding nonscholastic events on Division I campuses or regularly used facilities; 2009-101, allowing men's basketball coaches to recruit during an institutional camp or clinic; and 2009-102, prohibiting institutions from hiring anyone other than enrolled students or institutional staff members for camps and clinics, were sent out to membership for comments.

Much like the women's adjacent state proposal, these changes will be revisited during the April governance meetings.

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